The best knowledge is the knowledge of Deen and lack of true

Islamic knowledge is the root of all evils such as Shirk and Bidahs, to overcome the darkness of Jahilliah (ignorance) a light of True Islamic Knowledge is required. Islam emphasizes more importance on acquiring Islamic knowledge. The First Revealation to Our Prophet is to 'Read in the name of Our Lord' Our beloved Prophet said "Acquiring Knowledge (of Deen) is compulsory on every Muslim.Acquiring knowledge of our Creator help us in worshipping Him better and being sincere in His worship. The most successful person is the person who recognizes His Lord it is only then a Slave of Allah could worship Him in the correct sense. Thus knowing the importance of acquiring Islamic Knowledge Alhamdulillah Salafi Educational Trust conducts the following classes to connect the people with their Creator.

Arabic Language Classes:

  • Men
  • Women
  • Ilm ur Rahila

Basic Islamic Knowledge Classes

  • Women

Makthab for Children

  • Islamic Summer Course
  • Islamic Summer Camps
  • Ilm ur Rahila for Children

Future Projects: Hifz Classes