It is a beautiful Masjid with all necessary amenities, it has a prayer area for Men 30x30’ Main Hall 30x30’ 2nd Floor. 30x30’ Terrace Floor.

Ladies Prayer Hall: on the ground floor 30x30’ is exclusively provided for Ladies.

The Masjid organizes many educational programs on daily, weekly, monthly, bimonthly and yearly basis. The detail Programs are as follows.

Daily :

  • Dars e Hadees : After Salathul Fajr
  • Dars e Qur’an : After Salathul Isha


Tuesday: Uloom ul Quran after Salathul Isha

Friday : Juma Khutba every Friday

Saturday: Qawaid e Fiqhia After Salathul
Fajr Seerath e Sahaba After Salathul Isha

Sunday : Seerath e Nabwi First Two Sundays of Every Month
Iman bil Malaika Last Two Sundays of every Month


  • Workshops on various Important Topics

Bi Monthly:

  • Aetekaf of 24 Hrs for Tarbiya


  • Seerah Competition every Ramzan